Derbyshire Tech Help
Derby and Derbyshire's best Technology and Computer consultancy for support, upgrades, training and services to private individuals and small businesses


IT & Computer services to meet every need.

Every service we offer is completely tailored to your individual needs whether you be an individual or small business. 

We have no set packages, no boxes to pigeon hole our customers into. Everyone is different and with the vast variety of choice available no one has the same requirements. All our initial consultations and quotations are completely free with no obligation whatsoever.


Phone / Tablet & computer problems

Device running slow? Worried about malware or viruses? No matter what your problem we'll do our best to get you back on your feet and your devices running smoothly. Have us take a look and if we can't solve the problem we won't charge a penny.

Wifi / Internet Issues

WiFi slow in some parts of your house? Keeps dropping out or not working at all? Phoning your internet provider getting you nowhere? This is a common complaint because most providers only consider their provision of internet to your building and give little thought to how well you can access it inside. We will do a full set of tests on the quality of your wifi and give advice and suggest improvements to boost the quality of your WiFi throughout your home.


Learning and developing your ability and confidence with technology is something many people are looking to do but don't know how to approach. Whether you want to learn something completely new or expand your current skills we can tailor a set of one to one sessions to help you dive deep into the technology in your home and make the most of its capabilities.


Buying Advice, Installation & setup

Trying to decide which device to buy but find research confusing and overwhelming? You're not to blame - there are hundreds and thousands of possible options when looking to buy a new piece of technology or replace your existing setup and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. After an assessment of your needs, wants and what you currently have we can provide you with a range of options to suit any budget. We'll also help you get up and running in no time.


Keeping your photos and files safe in the event your devices stop working, are stolen or lost can be daunting at first. Keeping an easy to manage set of backups is vital in todays digital world. We can help tailor a setup that is personal to you and backs up what you need and help you understand how to use it most effectively. Never lose a treasured set of photographs or important documents again.

Business needs

Small businesses often struggle to manage their IT on an efficient budget and infrastructure that doesn't hinder their ability to serve their clients. We support a variety of small businesses in Derbyshire and can manage your technological needs leaving you more time to do what you do. Devices, email, file management, security, social accounts and more can tailored to help you get the most out of your businesses potential.


Website services

Derbyshire Tech Help is now happy to announce we offer a comprehensive, flat rate website design service that does not break the bank. Review our growing portfolio for more information and how to get in touch.