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 Andrew King founded Derbyshire Tech Help in August 2017 to help solve the growing problems many face with technology today. We live in a world where technology is inescapable and with a vast array of features, options and combinations available it quickly becomes apparent that the services to help owners use and understand their phones, tablets, computers, smart televisions, WiFi, internet and to support small businesses just aren't available. Since its founding, Derbyshire Tech Help has expanded into services for small businesses and website design for businesses and personal portfolios.

Andrew prides himself on being able to answer questions in a simple, clear and concise manner no matter the experience level of the audience. Many clients that have received tuition have started to use devices such as the iPad in their late 80s and even 90s!

With an attitude of ‘there are no stupid questions’ Andrew is able to guide and help our clients through any problem or new endeavour in a friendly manner at their own pace. Whether you just want the WiFi to be better, learn how to make all the bells and whistles ring at the same time on your devices or want a new website to showcase your business or portfolio, we can help.

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